Commercial and Military Marine Applications

Marine Application

Since 1955, Gems™ Sensors & Controls has earned a solid reputation for accuracy and dependability in military marine and commercial marine services. Gems™ marine products are approved and qualified to MIL-L-23886, the military specification for fluid level sensors. Other military qualifications include MIL-S-901C, Shock Test High Impact Shipboard Machinery, Equipment and Systems…MIL-STD-167, Mechanical Vibration of Shipboard Equipment Vibration...Inclination, Bureau Veritas, Lloyds, ABS and USCG. Commercial vessel approvals include UL, CSA, and FM.

Gems marine sensors are built purposefully rugged to accommodate harsh conditions including turbulent liquids, liquids containing foreign material, liquid interfaces, high temperature and high-pressure fluids. Construction materials include bronze, 304 or 316 SS, Monel™ and copper-nickel alloys. Standard floats are of Buna N for oils, stainless steel for high temps, and Hycel (epoxy) for high pressures. Mounting flanges and electrical connections per Navy specifications are routine at Gems.

Why Gems?


Marine Application
Marine Application
Marine Application

  • Auxiliary generator fuel tanks

  • Bilge level detection

  • Fuel oil storage tanks

  • Potable water storage tanks

  • Deck flooding alarms

  • Ballast tanks

  • Gray water tanks

  • Cooling systems

  • Coolant tanks

  • Bilges and Voids

  • AFFF Tanks

  • Day tanks

  • High level alarms for closed loading

  • Lube oil and lube sump tanks

  • Collaborative Engineering Support

  • Cost-Efficient Development

  • Fast Prototyping and Quicker to Market Strategies

  • Sophisticated Supply Chain Management

  • Lean Manufacturing Protocols

  • Certified Quality Processes

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