Design and Manufacturing Engineering Services

So, what happens when an application calls for something that is more “out of the box” than “off-the-shelf”? What if a custom design from another manufacturer is already in place, yet not meeting performance expectations? What if another custom solution is needed in a relatively short timeframe, and yet the technology, or legacy supplier, is no longer available?  And, how can such requirements be satisfied, with limited in-house resources?

The solution for many qualified OEM customers is Gems design engineering services. We understand your end-use application and work with you to optimize design robustness During design and development, we thoughtfully refine your fluidic system design.

Why Choose Gems?

Proven Experience.

  • Liquid level, flow, and pressure sensing; solenoid valve; and fluidic control system designs
  • Subassembly design and integration expertise
  • Vast familiarity of multiple sensing technology types and their design benefits and trade-offs
  • Immediate access to an industry reference library of 1000’s of application success stories
  • Special expertise in complex legacy technology upgrades and design-ins
  • Experts in robust custom high-volume OEM sensor designs at lowest manufactured price points
  • Seamless collaboration with customer in-house engineering teams

Advanced Design Engineering Techniques

  • Customer supplied drawings or original designs
  • 2D and SolidWorks 3D modeling with FMEA
  • Streamlined design revision process
  • Support for bill of materials (BOM) prior to design finalization
  • Resolution of design flaws or component issues prior to prototype production

  Global Component Sourcing

  • Global sourcing team ensures maximum component quality for optimal price point
  • Pre-screening of BOMs to ensure component availability and integrity
  • Overall supplier performance reviews
  • Routine supplier audits
  • Optimization of projected manufacturing costs

Guaranteed Product Manufacturability

  • Designs and BOM verified prior to manufacturing stage
  • Gems certified drawings ensure shortest possible lead time to production
  • Rapid prototyping and in-cell prototype testing
  • Three fully equipped ISO certified manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia
  • Capability to manufacture at all three locations simultaneously
  • Specially designated medical and cleanroom manufacturing facilities