XM-XT 800 Series Continuous Level Transmitter

Continuous LS-XM-XT-800 Series
  • Stainless or Brass Construction 
  • 6 mm (1/4-Inch) Resolution 
  • Lengths to 3658 mm (144 Inches) 
  • OEM Configurations Available 
  • Analog Output 

These compact transmitters feature the rugged durability of stainless steel or brass construction. The XM-800 series provides analog output, and can be combined with Gems™ Digital Bargraph Display and Level Cube Receivers.  

Completely electronic, Gems Liquid Level Transmitters provide reliable and durable remote tank gauging. A wide variety of material combinations provide compatibility for most small to mid-size tanks in both process and OEM applications; for deeper tanks up to 5486 mm (18 feet) look to Gems 36000 and 66000 Series. Gems experienced engineering and sales staff can provide customised solutions for applications not satisfied by the standard transmitters shown in this catalog. Do not hesitate to contact Gems if you require a configuration not shown here.

Now available with Stem Mounted 4-20mA Signal Conditioner.