Continuous Level Transmitters

Gems float type liquid level transmitters provide reliable and durable remote tank gauging. A wide variety of material combinations make them compatible with most liquid media. The XM & XT-800 Series provide solutions for most small to mid-size tanks, for deeper tanks look to the 36000 and 66000.   

For challenging fluids such as ultra-pure, dirty, coating, scaling and corrosive types, Gems offers the UCL-510 and UCL-520 ultrasonic liquid level transmitters. Our UCL series are easy to install and do not come in contact with the liquid. The UCL-520 is push button the calibrated, the UCL-510 is supplied with configuration software for flexible system integration or retrofit of existing level devices.   

For applications requiring an extremely high level of accuracy Gems new CT-1000 potentiometric level transmitter offers no-moving parts sensing of conductive liquids. The XT-1000 magnetostrictive liquid level transmitter provides temperature compensated measurement on a variety of liquid media.

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