3600 Series Electronic Pressure Switch

PS-98 Solid-State Pressure Switch
  • Exceptional Stability Through Sputtered Thin Film Technology
  • No Moving Parts- Highly Resistant to Shock and Vibration
  • Long Cycle life
  • Ideal for Off-Highway, Mobile, Medical Gas Demanding Industrial Applications
  • Fully Hermetically Sealed

Built using our proven thin film sensing technology, 3600 Series solid-state pressure switches offer great accuracy in rough environments. These switches are ideal alternatives to electromechanical types in high cycle pressure applications, or when broad frequency response is needed. When very accurate set points or dead band requirements are needed, 3600 Series switches can be set to very tight specifications. They feature a modular design, with a host of pressure ports and electrical connections available. Switch set, reset and delays can be factory programmed per customer specification, and also modified in the field with a USB programming tool.

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