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For over 60 years, Gems Sensors & Controls has been addressing customers’ toughest challenges and providing solutions when a “standard product” just won’t do. For these cases, a carefully designed custom engineered system may be the best option. And, with decades of sensor customization experience, there’s a good chance that Gems has effectively solved a similar challenge.


Q: How can custom fluidic systems from Gems accelerate my time to market and simplify my manufacturing process?

A: Gems works closely with you – on an engineer-to-engineer level – to design, develop, and manufacture custom fluidic systems that improve design robustness and improve end-user satisfaction. This proven process of collaboration uncovers design improvement opportunities and enables the development of an integrated, complete, and robust fluidic system. As a result, your fluidics footprint is reduced, required components are minimized and your manufacturing process is greatly simplified. And, with Gems’ ability to develop rapid prototypes and validate designs, your time to market is accelerated. Learn how Gems can help you create a robust fluidic systems that accelerates your time to market.

Q: How Do I Get Started in Identifying an Application “Best Fit”?

A: The first step is knowing what you are trying to measure, whether it’s level, flow, pressure, or other parameters. Once known, Gems recommends beginning with its standard product catalog as a starting point. This fully up-to-date online resource contains hundreds of available models, each organized by technology type. From there, a customer can request further feedback from Gems regarding application suitability, reference price points, and the associated design benefits and trade-offs of each technology type. The team at Gems can also identify available customization options.

Q: What if I Require a Modification of an Existing Standard Product? Is that Considered Custom?

A: Most standard catalog products can be effectively modified "off the shelf" (non-custom) to meet a variety of stringent parameters. They can also be easily fitted with alternate connectors, ports, and housings. In general, these types of routine catalog product modifications are available with standard lead times. Examples of custom projects would include integrated fluidic control systems, in which Gems can design and manufacture custom manifolds at OEM volumes; or a custom sensor redesign to address industry-specific regulatory compliance standards.

Q: How Much Longer are Lead Times on Gems Custom Products vs. Standards?

A: Whether a requirement calls for standard or custom product, each solution can still be implemented within relatively short lead times. In many cases, Gems custom lead times are shorter than those of most other industry standard products. For global, larger volume OEM applications, Gems can also proceed to simultaneous localized custom manufacturing. This is supported via its three fully equipped, ISO certified facilities located in North America, Europe and Asia. Such an approach allows for reduced lead times and logistics costs, as well as rapid customer response. All products are manufactured and tested to the same high-quality and rigorous performance standards, regardless of location, for expedited delivery and reduced time to market.

Q: What if I Need Larger Volume Customization, but Lack the Necessary In-house Resources to Facilitate Design Revisions?

A: To better assist qualified OEM customers with their larger volume custom requirements, Gems offers the benefits of its design engineering services. Working from either original or customer supplied drawings, Gems engineers incorporate advanced engineering techniques and field-proven mechanical design best practices to create a robust, cost-optimized solution. With this expertise, customers can be assured of a custom design solution that is fully in-house tested and ready for seamless OEM volume manufacturing. This also includes full support for the BOM and full global component sourcing.

Q: Where Can I Find a List of Available Customization Options?

A: There are virtually an infinite number of options for both modifications and customization of Gems sensing technologies. Our customization expertise can further extend into the incorporation of multiple technology types within a single application. In addition to our standard product catalog, details on available sensing technology types may be found on the individual product pages of this site. For more direct assistance with your application, please call our sales and engineering team on 1-855-877-9666. Or, feel free to simply use our convenient Contact Us form, and a member of our team will be in touch within one business day.