LS-270-E Series Single-Point Level Switch

Single Point LS-270 Special Series Level Switch
  • Lightweight
  • Stable in Non-Static, Highly Contaminated Liquids
  • Bracket Mounted

The design of Gems bilge water level switches combines reliable switching in contaminated liquids with compact dimensions. These switches have been developed for general naval and industrial applications. They have protective housings which dampen the movements and turbulence of the medium and maintain their reliable operation even if there is solid matter in the bilge water.

Acceptance and approval:
Various civil, military and naval approvals are on hand for many of these products. Please ask for further details.    


LS-270-E: This bilge water level switch has been developed especially for low level alarms and can monitor levels as low as 35 mm. As the cable is vulcanised the switch is submersible to "IP67." The float can also be constructed as an interface level indicator.