163000 Series Visual Level Indicators

163000 Series Receiver
  • Large 4-digit Display
  • Bright LED Bargraph

Gems™ Sensors & Controls' Digital Bargraph Receivers improve the way you are able to visualise the data being received from your liquid level transmitters. These new receivers display liquid level information in digital numerals in conjunction with a 0-100% LED bargraph readout. The numeric portion is a 13 mm (1/2”) 4-digit display that provides detailed quantification of tank contents, while the bright LED bargraph represents the tank contents as a bar length relative to the percentage of fluid volume within the tank.  If you have a non-linear tank, such as a sphere or a cylinder laying on its side, these receivers are a blessing. They can be calibrated easily so that the digital and bargraph displays will indicate accurate content information for “odd” shape tanks. See “Linearization” below.  In addition to the dual visual displays, the Gems Bargraph Receiver features two independent alarms with adjustable time delays, 10 amp auxiliary dry contacts and easy user set-up. The receiver is available in component form for mounting into custom enclosures or panels, or housed within a NEMA 4X enclosure.


Certain tanks, like a sphere or a cylinder laying on its side, are considered “Non-Linear” in terms of volume versus tank height. In these cases this receiver may be linearised according to your tank parameters so that the correct volume is displayed. Any units may be displayed by the receiver. Gallons, inches, tons, cubic inches, litters and etc.  The receiver uses a scheme where 9 points or 8 straight lines are used to calculate the numbers to be displayed. These 8 lines approximate the curve of the non-linear tank.

Examples of Non-Linear Display Values:

  1. Gallons in a spherical tank
  2. Gallons in a cylindrical tank laying down
  3. Pounds of liquid in a spherical tank
  4. Cubic miters in a conical shaped tank
  5. Gallons in a non-linear shaped tank

*Customer must supply a sounding table, capacity curve and/or tank drawing for linearization of the digital bar graph display receiver.