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Reliable Sensors for Harsh Environments

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As the world seeks to more efficiently capitalize on its hydrocarbon resources, Gems Sensors plays an integral role in ensuring safe and consistent operations. For over 50 years, Gems Sensors has customized solutions for the dynamic needs of oil & gas customers. Gems manufactures a wide array of sensors to detect pressure, level, and flow in variety of Oil & Gas applications such as: 

  • Wellhead Automation (Plunger Lift, Main Line Valve Control, etc)
  • Storage Tank Level Monitoring
  • Chemical Injection
  • Hydraulic and Lubricating Oil Reservoirs
  • Fracturing Truck Monitoring 
  • Drilling Fluid (“Mud”) Tank Monitoring
  • Tote Level Monitoring
  • Spark Protection in Diesel Fuel Distribution
  • CNG Vehicle Conversion

Gems Sensors is trusted by leading international equipment manufacturers and system integrators for:

  • Reliability: Gems Sensors are built and certified to withstand the rugged environmental conditions that oil & gas equipment must endure.
  • Low Power: Gems Sensors understands that low energy solar panel powered remote sensing is key to operational cost savings.
  • Peace of Mind: Gems Sensors knows that the failure of any component means expensive downtime for your customers. Count on Gems Sensors to deliver a quality product on time to keep your customers’ operations running.
  • Solution Variety: Gems Sensors offers an extensive range of pressure, level, valve, and flow sensors designed to fit almost any oil & gas requirement. We have models that handle extreme temperature and pressure requirements, and offer materials that can help you meet the stringent standards of the oil & gas industry.
  • Value Added Technical Support: Our global network of sales professionals and technical representatives can assist you in the customization, specification, design and service of our products.

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For Application assistance call our technical specialists toll-free at 1-855-877-9666.