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Measuring, monitoring and controlling the liquid and gas contents of tanks has been a staple of Gems' expertise for more than 50 years. We offer a variety of methods to monitor tanks from both inside and outside of the vessel. Whether it is local visual indication or remote level transmitting, Gems has a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Internal Liquid Level Transmitters

Gems XM-800 Liquid Level TransmittersCompletely electronic, Gems Liquid Level Transmitters provide reliable and durable remote tank gauging. A wide variety of material combinations provide compatibility for most liquid media. Gems XM- & XT-800 Series provide solutions for most small to mid-size tanks in both process and OEM applications. XMP- & XTP-800 Series provide the same functions and are made of a variety of engineered plastics. For deeper tanks (to 18 feet) look to Gems 36000 and 66000 Series 

Single Probe or Complete Systems

As a component, Gems transmitters provide the output options compatible with most programmable controllers and other digital receivers. Combined with Gems Digital Receivers you can create a complete tank gauging system.


Detecting Intermediate Boundary Layers

Use multiple Gems Transmitters to accurately monitor proportions of dissimilar liquids and emulsions within a single tank. This is done by matching the float weight to the various fluid specific gravities. Only float-based transmitters can do this.

Liquid Interface Sensing

Intrinsic Safety

Gems Transmitters are intrinsically safe for hazardous area operation when properly connected to a Gems solid-state Zener Barrier energy limiting device. Eliminate the need for explosion-proof housing and special wiring.


Intrinsic Safe Tank Level Sensing

External SureSite® Visual Level Indicators

High Visibility—Brilliantly colored flags are easy to read, even at great distances. The indicator is isolated from the measured media; therefore, SureSite Indicators can be used where sight glasses are not even a consideration.
Durability—Stainless steel, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, Hastelloy or other exotic housings, whatever the media requirements, provide years of maintenance-free service.
Environmentally Safe—Monitored liquid is contained inside a pressure-tight housing.
Efficient—Continuous level indication without external power.
Electronic Control—Attach optional point level switches and/or continuous level transmitters to extend capabilities beyond those of a simple sight glass.

SureSite Visual Liquid Level Indicators

When Gems Sensors & Controls introduced SureSite® Liquid Level Indicators no one had seen anything like them...sightglasses were the standard in liquid level indication. Well, we are happy to say that since that time SureSite Indicators have retired more sightglasses than we can count! Our success has spawned many imitators, but there is still only one SureSite Indicator with its many exclusive features, and more importantly there is no manufacturer so uniquely capable as Gems to be your sensor supplier.


SureSite Visual Indicators--A Broad Family of Standard and Custom Models
Gems experienced engineering and sales staff can provide customized solutions for applications not satisfied by our standard transmitters. Do not hesitate to contact Gems if you require a special configuration. Call 1-855-877-9666.

Typical SureSite Visual Indicator Application

Visual Indication


Cold Service

Hot Service

Oil / Water

Acid Applications