OEM Manufacturing Services

Gems Sensors & Controls factory

Gems Sensors & Controls offers OEM manufacturing services to meet the quality, quantity, and cost objectives of your product, assembly or system. We have the necessary in-house capabilities to manufacture short-runs to mid or high volumes of your custom liquid level, pressure, and flow sensors, as well as switches and solenoid valves, with short lead times.

We can manufacture your product from one, or all, of our three fully equipped, ISO 9001 certified facilities, located in North America, Europe and Asia. This can help to significantly reduce logistics costs and improve overall time-to-market while maintaining quality and cost objectives. Additionally, we can accommodate certain market requirements for specially designated manufacturing facilities.

At each facility, Gems utilizes Lean Manufacturing principles and processes to significantly increase yield improvements, reduce inventory levels, shorten production cycle times and lower costs. Areas of focus include:

  • Assembly
  • Testing
  • Labeling/Packaging
  • Documentation/Traceability
  • Production Process Validation and Control
  • Software Validation and Control

Gems also recognizes that, by ensuring the continued depth, strength, quality and responsiveness of our global supply chain, the company can ensure continued rapid customer response. As such, Gems works to fully integrate all supply chain processes, from supplier selection to final customer approval. The supply chain process includes:

  • Early supplier involvement
  • Supplier design reviews
  • Supplier performance evaluation
  • Routine supplier audits
  • Continuous customer quality feedback