XM-XT-860 Series Continuous Level Transmitter

Continuous LS-XM-XT-860 Series
  • High Volume/Low Cost OEM Design
  • Brass or Stainless Steel Construction
  • 1/2" or 1" Resolution
  • Lengths to 610 mm (24 Inches)

OEMs with fluid gauging requirements now have an affordable, yet robust continuous output sensor they can use to great value.  Gems™ XM-860 liquid level sensors are a durable, low-cost solution for applications that don't require high-resolution output.  Made of brass or stainless steel, this series offers rugged construction, utilising a new, coated reed switch core that stands up to high levels of shock and vibration.  They are equally at home in applications ranging from tranquil storage day tanks to the challenge of off-highway vehicle fluids tank gauging.  Minimum order for this series is 250 units.


  • Generator Sets Fuel tanks
  • Reclamation Systems
  • Coolant Reservoirs
  • Auto Transmissions Fluid Reservoirs
  • OHV Fuel Tanks
  • Storage Day Tanks