Commercial Marine Level Sensors

Gems™ liquid level switches allow simple installation from top, bottom or the side (specific units). For inaccessible tanks, externally mounted units install completely on the outside.

LS-270 LS-270
Compact size with molded cable output.  Ideal for applications where Navy approvals are not required: workboats, sealift, Coast Guard and commercial vessels (Stock item).

LS-800LS-800 Series
This exceptionally versatile unit provides broad application flexibility.  Choose from 1-6 actuation levels, lengths to 120", various float types and construction materials.  Many LS-800 level switch devices are UL recognised and CSA certified.

LS-2050 LS-2050
Gems has the solution for inaccessible tank tops and bottoms; side mounted level switches with SPDT or SPST output.  Units are installed through tank sides at the actuation level.  These rugged units are also ideal for intermediate levels in large tanks.

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