Water in Fuel Sensor

WIF-1250 Water in Fuel Sensor
  • Designed for OHV and Generator Set applications
  • Compact size, easy to install
  • Operates in plastic or metal tanks
  • Reliable and affordable OEM solution
  • Solid-State – no moving parts

The WIF-1250 sensor is an innovative, no-moving-parts solution specifically designed to detect the presence of water in fuel. The sensor is an ideal solution for OEM’s of off-highway vehicles, locomotive and generator sets. It is also ideal for use with fuel filters, and in compressor crank cases to determine if water is present in lubricating oil. Based on reliable conductivity technology, WIF-1250 sensors are built from robust nickel plated steel for compatibility with temperatures up to 125°C (257°F), and are suited for the most challenging environments or applications. A 5-second delay circuit prevents "slosh" actuation. The sensor is easily mounted in any position.


To detect water in:

  • Fuel filters
  • Diesel fuel storage tanks