Optical Level Sensor

ELS Series Level Switches are low cost, compact, optical level sensors with built-in switching electronics. With no moving parts, these small units are ideal for a variety of point level sensing applications — especially where dependability and economy are a must.

Level switches are suitable for high, low or intermediate level detection in practically any tank, large or small. Installation is simple and quick through the tank top, bottom or side. Solid state-switching ensures dependability over long service life.

The sensor offers ±1mm repeatability and broad liquid compatibility. They are not recommended for use in any liquid that crystallises or leaves a solid residue.


Opto-Pak Controllers
  • Operates With Any 12V DC Input Electro-Optic Series Switch 
  • Converts TTL Output Signal to an SPDT 5 Amp Relay Output  
  • Available as Open Board or Mounted in NEMA 4x Box   

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