OEM Fluid Handling Solutions

Engineered OEM fluidic systems, solutions and integrated subassemblies
Fluidic systems can serve as a viable alternative to electronic and mechanically based control systems. They are expressly designed to utilize the flow characteristics of liquid, or gas, to create full control system functionality without moving parts. When properly integrated, they also exhibit superior performance in certain applications.

The team at Gems Sensors & Controls recognizes that the often-complex design and development of engineered fluidic systems must incorporate field-proven expertise in both liquid and gas measurement technologies, as well as the careful application of scientific principles and end-to-end system performance checks.

As such, the company extends to its customers the direct benefits of more than five decades of global experience. When developing fluidic control systems, this takes the form of expert technical problem solving; applications engineering support; rapid prototyping; full in-house manufacturing and testing; and the ultimate final delivery of highly reliable components, subassemblies and systems.

Fluid System Concept and FeasiblilityCreating OEM Fluidic Systems

Gems is able to deliver high-performance custom engineered fluidic systems, solutions and integrated subassemblies within short lead-times. To accomplish this, the company combines careful planning with the very latest in design engineering and modeling techniques. These are followed by intelligent sensing technology integration, the application of world-class lean manufacturing methods, and strict adherence to ISO standards.

Increasing Value for Investment

To increase value for investment, Gems works in close collaboration with an OEM customer’s own in-house engineering team. This approach offers opportunities for dialogue and transparency when identifying possible development risks. The collaboration also serves to improve both parties’ understandings of actual project parameters, an essential aspect of quickly identifying a “best fit” solution.

Fluid System DesignEnsuring System Design Integrity

Once a Gems fluidic control system design is approved, in-house R&D teams perform rigorous environmental testing in simulated actual conditions. Each component and subassembly is also individually pretested for conformance of either liquid to pneumatic; cryogenic to high-temperature; or vacuum to high-pressure systems. This commitment to design validation and testing ensures that each delivered system offers maximum performance and reliability.

Optimizing Project Budgets

Gems is ever mindful of accomplishing measurement goals on time and on budget. If a customer is looking for a custom engineered fluidic control system, the first step is always referencing the vast Gems legacy projects library. Chances are good that Gems has already successfully implemented designs of similar criteria. As a result, an off-the-shelf solution may be immediately available, saving time and costs.  If an application calls for absolute customization, Gems can also modify an existing design or create something entirely new. In all instances, a customer can expect the same rapid response and competitive lead times.

Looking for assistance with your custom engineered fluidic control systems? We can help. Contact us today for an application assessment.