Digital Pressure Transducer

9000 Series Digital Output Pressure Transducer
  • High Accuracy Over Wide Operating Temperature Range T.E.B. ±0.2% Span
  • -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
  • Excellent Long Term Stability <0.05% Per Year, Non-Cumulative
  • Small Size: 25 mm Diameter, 120 mm Length (1" Diameter, .60" Length)
  • Isolated High Speed CAN Interface - ISO11898
  • Programmable Update Rate
  • Standard Application Interface - CANopen DS301 & DSP404
  • In System Programmable
  • Self Diagnostics - Bridge Fault Detection, Hours in Service, Watchdog, Last Calibration Date, Next Calibration Date
  • Unsurpassed Customer Support - Rapid Development Kit

The 9000 Series CANbus pressure transducer meets the demands of the test and measurement industry, including automotive and marine applications, with high levels of accuracy over a wide temperature range. The digital output in engineering units eliminates the need for user system calibration.

Designed to have a wide input voltage range, input to output isolation, immunity to noise and self-diagnostics the 9000 is ideal for electrically noisy environments or applications where earthing or grounding can be a problem.

Through the standard CANopen protocol multiple devices can be used on a single bus reducing user cabling.  

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