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Reliable Sensors for Harsh Environments

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Reliable Pressure Sensing for the Oil and Gas Sensor Industry

The Problem 
Gas pressure needs to be known and regulated within the Oil & Gas industry. In any piece of equipment, there are a variety of fluids to help power, cool, monitor, or control. As countries ramp production utilizing unconventional extraction techniques, the need has grown for accurate and reliable oil and gas pressure sensors. Gas pressure transducers need to automatically sense and electronically communicate the pressure in the line to ensure safe and efficient operations. These gas pressure sensors are often located in harsh, intrinsically safe (IS) and explosion proof (EX) environments. 

The Solution 
Gems Sensors produces a vast array of gas pressure sensors utilizing a variety of proven technologies. Gems has the experience customizing EX pressure transducers and IS pressure transducers in a variety of applications. These oil and gas pressure sensors can reliably and effectively measure pressure in the harshest of environments.

Contact us today to find out how Gems Sensors plays a vital role within the Oil & Gas sensor industry. We have the experience to customize a solution for your specific Oil & Gas sensing needs.

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