Commerical Marine SureSite Indicators

Mini SureSite IndicatorsMini SureSite® Indicators
SureSite® Indicators feature brilliantly coloured flags that provide clearly visible indication at more than 30.48m (100 feet).  Intrinsically safe because they operate without electricity.  SureSite® Indicators are easily mounted to the exterior of tanks, regardless of shape or size.  With a diameter of only 1 1/4", Mini SureSites® are ideal where space is tight.  Good for lengths up to 6096 mm (20').

Alloy SureSite IndicatorsAlloy SureSite® Indicators
For an easy to view liquid level indicator that is both accurate and nearly indestructible, nothing beats SureSite® Indicators.  They are used in a wide variety of marine applications where quick visual communication of tank contents is paramount.  SureSite® Indicators operate without power, in temperatures to 399°C (750°F) and in pressures to 290 bar (4200 psi); they are unaffected by extreme thermal changes.  It's obvious that SureSite® Indicators offer a safer and more efficient alternative to cloudy, hard to read sight glasses.

As liquid level rises, a magnet-equipped float within the housing inverts the magnetic flags in the external flag channel to "colour-side-out."  The flags remain magnetically interlocked in a column until again inverted to "plain-side-out" by the float as liquid level falls.  Liquid level is indicated by the junction of the "colour" and "plain" portions of the column flag channel.

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