Piston Type Flow Switches

For Low Flow Rates in Liquids and Gases

Models for liquid flow rates as low as 50 cc/min. and gas flow rates as low as 2 SCFH.

Small, compact housings with port sizes from 1/4" NPT

Precision built for superior accuracy


Protect your expensive electronic equipment from coolant flow failure on:

Laser Heads • Welders • Power Supplies • High Speed Spindles • X-Ray Tubes • Semiconductor Equipment


Assure proper lubrication flow to critical bearings or gears to prevent system downtime on:

Presses • Rotating Equipment • Conveyors • Machine Tools • Robotics


Ensure system integrity in processing and dispensing equipment on:

Water Purification and Filtering •  Beverage Dispensing • Chemical Additives • Gas Sampling • Distilling


Piston Type Integrated Flow Switch
  • Multiple materials available to ensure media compatibility
  • Liquid or Gas indication
  • .1 to 1.5 GPM setpoints (liquid)
  • Setting Type: Fixed
  • .5 to 25 SCFM setpoints (gas)
  • Optional patented viscosity compensation achieves 20% accuracy for viscosities between 40 & 1,000 SSU
Integrated Flow Switch

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