RotorFlow Integrated Sensor

Integrated RotorFlow
  • Adds visual flow indication to your system
  • Scalable Flow range
  • Multiple materials available to ensure media compatibility
  • Debris tolerant
  • Dynamic rotor guards against false actuation

Paddle wheels have long been used to aid in the optimization & troubleshooting of complex coolant loops. The visual indication of the RotorFlow Integrated Sensor lets technicians know valves are firing correctly and lines are clear while the sensor output enables controllers to dynamically optimize your system's performance. It's accurate, robust & debris tolerant design mates well with valves, temperature and pressure sensors within a liquid sensing and control module.



  • Critical coolant monitoring: Lasers, Power Supplies, Guidance Systems, MRI gantries, X-Rays, Semiconductor
  • Warming & cooling blankets
  • Deicers
  • Washdown
  • Service carts

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