RotorFlow Sensors

RotorFlow® Sensors Provide Visual Indication, Continuous Sensing and Accurate Switching

  • Bright, Visual indication with choice of pulsed DC output, or adjustable 1 amp switched output.
  • Flow ranges from 1 LPM to 227 LPM (.1 GPM to 60.0 GPM)
  • Compact inline housings
  • Available in high performance plastic, brass, or stainless steel housings.

Determined to provide you with the most versatile line of flow sensors available, we've continued a non-stop refinement process for the entire RotorFlow® Series.  Gems™ new generation of RotorFlow® sensors, the RF-2500 Series, have been totally re-engineered with a one piece composite rotor, stronger unibody construction, ceramic shaft and better sealing.  The results are greater durability with broader chemical, temperature and pressure capabilities.

Today's RotorFlow® Series is state-of-the art and offers more options, better performance and durability than ever before...all at an affordable price geared for high volume, OEM applications.

Select the RotorFlow® sensor that is right for your application by choosing one of our three distinct configurations.  You'll find details on each of these configurations inside.

Switch Types
For specific flow setpoint switching, RotorFlow® RFS type stitches are one of the most reliable flow switches available.  Setpoints are fully adjustable over the specified flow range.  The dynamic operation of the rotor guards against jamming and false actuation.

Output Types
For flow rate monitoring or metering applications.  RotorFlow® RFO Type sensors provide a pulsed DC voltage output that is proportional to the rate of flow.  The operating range of 4.5 to 24 VDC pulsed output is easily integrated into most digital logic units.  RFA Type RotorFlow® sensors provide a continuous 0-10 VDC analog output. 

Indicator Types
For those who want simple visual confirmation of flow, RotorFlow® RFI indicators provide the durable, low-cost answer.  A bright, orange spinning rotor provides visual flow confirmation at a glance.


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